City Parcel Tax Refunds

Download and fill out the 2015-16 form below for your parcel tax refund. Even though the application form due dates have passed, you should have 3 years from date of tax payment to claim the exemption from at least some of the City parcel taxes under state law. The City is still digesting my request for clarification on that 3 year statute of limitations but don’t wait for them to run out the clock. Be sure to attach a copy of your tax bills for the appropriate years. If you don’t have a copy, call the Alameda County Tax Collector and ask them to send you a transcript or statement showing your name and payments for the last 4 years. For earlier years, manually change the application years and use your income info for the matching year.

Below are guidelines for what is considered to be income.  Not identical to income taxable. The criteria are income based not asset based. There is a very low “imputed” saving account rate for liquid assets. For IRA’s and other retirement plan distributions look at the HUD FAQ item 33.

  1. HUD Sect 8 General Income and Rent Determination Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
  2. City What counts as income Guidelines DOC110915