OUSD Parcel Tax Refunds

Download the following for your parcel tax rebate, senior or low-income. The senior rebate Measure N $120 is not income based. The 6/30/15 filing deadline for both 2015/16 exemptions has been extended to a received-by date of April 15, 2016. However, OUSD now concedes that you have 3 years in which to file a refund claim for the low-income Measure G exemption.  Logically, the same 3 year statute of limitations should also apply to Measure N refund applications going forward. Use the prior “multi-year” exemption applications to apply for Measure G low-income refunds for three years prior to 2015-

16.       http://www.ousd.org/cms/lib07/CA01001176/Centricity/Domain/3290 or click below:

To qualify for the low-income rebates, read these guidelines for what is considered to be income. The criteria are income based not asset based. There is a very low “imputed” saving account rate for liquid assets. For IRA’s and other retirement plan distributions look at the HUD FAQ item 33.  Many people will find that their IRA and 401k distributions are not “income” for purposes of the exemption even though they are taxable for income tax purposes. OUSD and the City follow the same HUD income rules.